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The Bureau of Transportation Statistics under the United States Department of Transportation reports that 3.6 million Americans with travel-limiting disabilities do not or rarely leave their own homes due to these limitations and potential barriers to travel. The aim of SUPPLE is to reduce these barriers by offering pre-paid packages to individuals through an application grant process to allow for an individual and their chosen support staff to attend and take part in travel and vacation life experiences that provide life long memories for participants. SUPPLE ensures safe travel vacations that promote socialization, friendship and network building, integration and fun, all while providing experiences for personal growth and enrichment to improve the quality of life for another.

SUPPLE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing high quality, top of the line local, national, and international opportunities for travel, life experience enrichment opportunities for individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. SUPPLE believes that all people deserve the same opportunities to enjoy an atmosphere which promotes expanding self-esteem, growth, an opportunity for choice, independence and personal breakthroughs through the gift of giving.

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